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Organ Restoration Project

The Harvard Historical Society plans to restore its 1870 Stevens & Co. organ and has set a fundraising goal of around $110,000. The Society hopes to raise the money through grants, private donations, and corporate sponsors. The Andover Organ Company will complete the restoration for an estimated cost of $78,000. The Society will use the remaining funds for necessary renovations to the space that will house the newly restored organ. Please consider making a donation to help support this effort. You can make a donation on our membership page. FIND OUT MORE.

Historical Distinction

Our 1870 Stevens & Co organ has been awarded a
citation from the Organ Historical Society honoring its
special historic qualities. This citation directly acknow-
ledges the historic value and authenticity of this
instrument. Our organ is one of only three produced
by a George Stevens company to receive such a citation.
It is also the largest remaining single manual organ
produced by George Stevens. FIND OUT MORE.

Local Significance

The organ was given as a gift to the Still River Baptist
Society in 1870, by William Bowles Willard (at right),
a successful farmer and an influential member of the
community. He served as Clerk for the Baptist Society
for 57 years and donated generously to its support and
its missions. Willard is a direct descendant of
Major Simon Willard, an important figure in the early
settlement of Concord, Sudbury, Lancaster, and other
surrounding towns, and of Henry Willard, who was
among the first settlers of Still River and who is thought
to be responsible for planting the seeds of Baptist
sympathy that eventually led to the founding of the
Still River Baptist Society. FIND OUT MORE.