Proofreading posts

Editing the content

  • Open the post to edit
  • Click on Edit/review post
  • The edit screen will look something like this:


  • Look for the text you want to edit. It can be in different places. e.g.:
    • the Title is on top
    • the Excerpt is in a separate block
    • the subtitle, if any, is in the Title Section
    • the main content is in the Content Section
  • If you don’t see the text you want to change:
    • Make sure all the tiles (Review status, Excerpt, Title Section, Content Section, etc…) are expanded. You can expand or collapse the tiles by clicking on the top bar.
    • Make sure the blocks in the Blocks Section, if any, are expanded. To expand them, click on the icon as shown hereunder:
    • Also make sure all the Screen elements are checked in the Screen Options:
    • If you still can’t find a text you want to change, write a note in the Review Notes so an editor or administrator can take care of it.
      For more details about why that can happen, see the Q&A section further below.
  • When done editing, don’t forget to update the Review Notes and Status:
    • The Review Notes. E.g. If you made a correction requested in the Review Notes, write DONE or FIXED next to it with your name.
    • The Review status. E.g. Uncheck ~To be reviewed and check -OK-
  • When done, click on Update, Save draft or Submit for Review.

  • When the update is done, you will see a View post link appear on top of the page. Click on it to go back to the site.


  • Although we do not recommend you make significant changes to the formatting, you can correct small formatting mistakes such as:
    • A word that is partially Bold or Italic or Underlined. E.g. Attention please.
    • An unwanted new line in the middle of a sentence
    • Splitting a paragraph in two
  • For help on formatting, see Formatting Styles

Note about the Excerpt

  • Ideally an excerpt should be 30 to 50 words describing the content of the post. It is OK if some of it is repeated in the content.
    IMPORTANT: the Search function of the website only looks through the Title and the Excerpt. It is therefore important to make sure that all the keywords that people might use to look for that post are in the title or the excerpt. E.g. the excerpt of the About page should have the word “board” in it!

Please DO…

  • Update the Review Notes and Status as appropriate after you finish editing a post. E.g. uncheck ~To be reviewed, check -OK-,…
  • Mention any problems you couldn’t fix yourself in the Review Notes.

Please DON’T…

  • Don’t change the formatting, except for small mistakes. If you don’t like the formatting, write it in the Review Notes for the Author or an Editor to look at it.

Frequently Asked Questions