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Published: June 10, 2024

Last updated: June 20, 2024

As a section, ‘Published, Author, Speaker…’ comes under the Title.  As a Block, it can be inserted anywhere you want. Here are examples of its use:
    • In an article:
      • show who the author is,
      • when the article was published
      • when it was last updated
    • In an events post:
      • show who the speaker is
    • In a video post:
      • show who made the video

NOTE: When using the word ‘Author’ further in this document, we mean Author, Speaker, Presenter, Composer, Player,… or whatever role of the person you want to attribute the post to.


    • Headline
    • Author (Speaker,…) – will be added at the end of the Headline
    • Date published
    • Date last updated

Link to an Author post

The Author is selected from Author posts (type Author) or other posts that contain Author data. The Published bar will get the display name and possibly the avatar of the author from that post.

If there is no Author post for the person you want to mention, you can still give them credit as follows:

  • uncheck the option Author
  • enter the person’s name in the Headline, e.g.:
    “This article by Jane Doe appeared in the Daily Gazette”

Author post

An author post (type Author) will typically look like this:

The Published top bar shows how the author data will look in the Published sections or blocks. They are entered in a section called Author data as shown in this screenshot:

IMPORTANT: Author posts, weather a type Author or not should have the Topic Authors, Speakers,… checked. If not, the person will not show up in the list you can select an Author from.

Other Author posts (not type Author)

Any type of post can be an Author post. E.g. if you wrote an article about someone, you can use that post as the Author post for that person. Here is how:

  • in addition to any Topics already checked, check Author, Speakers,…
  • this will make the section Author data appear:
    • fill out the Auhor display name
    • check the Show avatar box if you want
    • add an avatar, usually a headshot of the person
      make it square, between 360×360 and 480×480

When adding a Published Section or block, this author will now appear in the Author selection list and be the post it links to.


These are examples of the Published Section or Block.

Published: April 28, 2024

Last updated: April 30, 2024

An illustrated talk by
This article by Jane Doe appeared in the Daily Gazette of Timbuktu

Published: April 24, 1866

Published: April 24, 1932

Video by Will Hopper from HCTV