Video types:

  • Vimeo (preferred, because it does not promote additional videos at the end)
  • Youtube
  • Gdrive (videos stored on a Google Drive)
  • Other

Optional Video fields:

  • Video length
  • Video caption

How to embed:

  • VIMEO:
    • Share -> Embed -> Show options:
      Select “Responsive”, uncheck everything else
      Copy embed code and paste hereunder.
    • Open video -> share -> Embed
      Check “Show player controls”
      Check “Enable privacy-enhanced mode.”
      Copy embed code and paste hereunder.
  • Google drive:
    • Get the link -> Open the video with the link in a new browser tab or window.
      … More actions -> Embed item…
      Copy embed code and paste hereunder.
      *** Opening the video from within Google drive will not show the embed option! ***

Box with a Vimeo video (Block -> Box -> Video (Vimeo))

Thanks to HCTV for recording this event.

Box with a video in it

Caption (other selected)

Video Content

This is content you can add in the box under the video. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris vel ante non metus dictum sagittis. Duis et malesuada felis, vel commodo tellus. Nam eu arcu pellentesque, fringilla orci eu, euismod nisl. Suspendisse gravida porttitor fringilla. Ut rutrum ex ut consectetur venenatis. Suspendisse et purus ante.

Gdrive video in a block (no box)

(block type: Video, not Box)
7 minutes 44 seconds