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Prefabs are blocks that are ready to be inserted. They usually don’t have any customization options. Most come “as is”.

They can be very generic, useable in any website, but most are specific to one site, e.g. HHS Please donate!

There are two main reasons why to make a Prefab:

  • Global blocks: The prefab will be used in several posts. As a prefab is global, any change you make to it will immediately update the prefab in all posts.
  • Customized blocks: if you need a special layout that can not be made with the available blocks, you can make a special component in Cornerstone PRO  as a prefab. E.g. a table with a specific layout.

Available prefabs:

  • Have pictures?
  • HHS Please donate
  • HHS Gift shop

You will find them all hereunder. NOTE: There are links to edit the prefabs in Cornerstone in the examples below.

PREFAB: Leave a comment... & Comments section

NOTE: these are 2 separate prefabs shown here under each other.

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PREFAB: Have picture?

Have pictures you want to share?

We will gladly add your best pictures to this page. Contact us to find out how to send them to us.

PREFAB: HHS Please donate

The HHS is a non profit organization and relies on membership and donations to maintain our buildings and our collections and to support programs. We do not receive any town funding.



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