Adding or changing a user

(Also changing a user's role)

Add the user in WordPress Users

  • username: First_Last
  • choose the role
    • Subscriber (level 0)
    • Reviewer (level 1)
    • Proofreader (level 2)
    • Author (level 3)
    • Editor (level 4)
    • Administrator (level 5)
  • no secondary role

When added, edit the user settings

  • Toolbar: uncheck Show toolbar when viewing site
  • check the nickname
  • choose display name: usually first name only

Follow further instructions depending on the role of the user:

Additional steps for all users

  • To avoid that review requests end up in SPAM:
    • Using any Sandbox, in the Review Status, add the new user in the field ‘To be reviewed or worked on by (optional)
    • Update the post and view it
    • In the review overlay (top left), click on the paper plane to send a request for review for that page.
    • Send the request.
    • Ask the new user to find the email, it will probably be in his SPAM folder, and to flag it as “NOT SPAM”.
  • Restricting access to certain posts (Proofreaders and Authors only):
    Change the PMB user settings as needed (restrict access to Own and/or Specific posts)
    wp-admin -> Users -> Edit -> PMB user settings