Organ Updates

This week saw the beginning of the restoration of the 1870 Geo. Stevens & Co. organ of 13 ranks over1 manual (56 notes) and pedal (25 notes, flat). This organ received OHS Citation number 388.

A crew from Andover has spent about Three and a half days removing the playing mechanism, wind system, and chests for conservative restoration work. The removal of only the interior parts made for some challenging maneuvers. The interior walls at the front of the church were changed many decades ago leaving a roughly 6′ x 2.5′ door to access the treble end of the organ case. It took a good deal of thought and maneuvering to extract the reservoir, made slightly simpler by the screwed on top, feeders, and plenum boxes. Even in six pieces, it was a tight squeeze!

The original feeders will be restored to working order, and a new blower will be installed in the organ chamber with a check valve. This will restore the ability to manually pump the organ.

We are looking forward to carrying out the delicate work of this restoration in our shop over the next few months.

Stoplist from OHS Database:

Still River Baptist/Harvard Historical Society
Harvard, Massachussetts
George Stevens & Co., c. 1870
OHS ID 4154

MANUAL (56 notes)

8 Open Diapason wood bass
8 Stopped Diapason Bass 19 pipes
8 Melodia from tenor C
8 Keraulophon from tenor G
8 Dulciana from tenor G
4 Principal from tenor G
4 Flute from tenor C
2-2/3 Twelfth
2 Fifteenth
Sesquialtera [III] from tenor F
8 Hautboy

PEDAL (25 notes)

16 Bourdon 20 wood pipes
Manual to Pedal coupler

[Received online from T. Daniel Hancock, 2012-05-07]