Video examples. How to embed Vimeo, Youtube, Gdrive or other videos.

Post types and Sections

How posts are organized in sections. How the post type defines what sections there will be in your post. How you can hide some sections if needed.

User levels

Registered users are assigned specific roles such as reviewer, proofreader, author,… , administrator. This defines what they are authorized to do on the website.


Frequently Asked Questions, How to…, Why this or that…

Useful shortcuts

Useful shortcuts such as Ctrl Z, Shift click, etc… Both for Mac and Windows.

Formatting Styles

Formatting help and tricks. Includes style examples: Title, Headline, Highlighted,…

Prefabs (advanced)

Learn about Prefabs, blocks that are ready to be inserted. See all the ones available.

Pictures and Images

How to insert pictures in content with the different formatting options, how to make a picture clickable to show the full size version, what sizes to use,…


Gallery examples, including sliders, panoramic sliders, slide shows and Envira galleries.

Reviewing posts

How to find the posts that need to be reviewed, how to enter notes and update the review status…

Author basics

The basics for authors: logging in, adding a new post, editing a post, deleting a post,…


Help for Columns in the Columns Section or Block.


Shows the options for a Content Section or Block with several examples.