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Support the Society by purchasing cards, prints and other items related to Harvard’s history.

You can get these at the Harvard Historical Society
on Mondays and Tuesdays from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.
215 Still River Rd, Harvard, Massachusetts

Contact the curator for more information.
Mailing and postage can be accomodated.

History of Harvard
1880-1940 Enter the New Century


Book by Ida A. Harris, edited by Joseph R. Theriault

Soft cover: $35
Hard cover: $45

A documented history through well-researched articles and personal accounts.

A Common History
The story of Harvard's Identity


Book by Carlene Phillips – $25

The development of the town center over the years as a reflection of the values and conscious decisions on the part of Harvard citizens.

Eleanor Willard Merrifield's prints of hand-colored photographs of the historical Shaker Village.

$35 per print (14″ x 11″ matted)

Gifted artist and photographer created a collection of 26 hand-colored photographs of Harvard Shaker Village between 1908 and 1935. The following reproduction prints are still available:


Silas Holman map


Unframed (21″x 24″) $100 for members.
Some framed maps are available for $150 each.

Commissioned by the town to map both the Harvard town center and the town itself. Dated 1831.

Prints of Bayard Underwood's drawings of Harvard buildings

22″x 17″
$20 unsigned
$40 signed prints (with backing )

The following prints are still available:


Janet Streeter Fowke gift wrap


$6 (package of 2 sheets in red or green)

Artist and illustrator of a Shaker book, who also created sketches of scenes and buildings around Harvard. Sketches can be found in the Harvard Press archives.

Pollard Notecards


12 Cards with envelopes $20

Notecards with prints of four scenes of the Harvard Common in the late 1800s, reproduced from paintings by Luke Pollard in the collection of the Harvard Historical Society.

Beach Bums Notecard


6 Notecards with envelopes $15

Artist Ellie Bufford captures the true essence of one of Harvard’s many jewels, Bare Hill Pond. She depicts the women who, in the early ’70s, enjoyed the scenery and friendships and became known as the Beach Bums. The cards are still printed by the Purdy family.

Tour Guides

$5 each

Center Cemetery, Tour Guide
Pioneers of Harvard, House Tour Guide
Shaker Village, House Tour Guide
Harvard House Tour and Crafts Sale Guide

Included within these booklets are maps, photos, and write-ups of sites around Harvard.


Directions of a Town


Book by Robert C. Anderson – $15

A condensed chronological narrative of Harvard’s history.

Harvard Album


by Dianne Newton – $40

A rich pictorial history featuring the collection of historical  photographs in the Society’s archives. Dedicated to Elvira Scorgie, the book was published to commemorate the Harvard Historical Society’s 100th anniversary.