Harvard Shaker Village

Harvard Shaker Village Historic District is a historical Shaker community located on Shaker Road, South Shaker Road, and Maple Lane.

Shaker Recipes

The Harvard Historical Society organizes open houses regularly. In June 2022, the members prepared a few Shaker Recipes that could be tasted during a special “Shaker Open House”.

Historical Places

A tour of the historical places in Harvard: the Common, the Shaker Village, Fruitlands, and more…

Harvard Cemeteries

There are three cemeteries in Harvard: the original burying ground, known as the Center Cemetery, the Bellevue Cemetery, and the Shaker Cemetery, also referred to as the Lollipop Cemetery.


Learn about upcoming events at the Harvard Historical Society or relive past events. Watch the pictures or the video record when available.

Harvard Churches

Harvard’s first meetinghouse, for civil as well as religious purposes, was built near the top of the Common in 1733. It was followed by a second meetinghouse and three Unitarian church buildings, all on the same approximate site.


We are inviting musicians to play the organ. Contact the Curator to schedule your own experience with this unique and historic instrument.

Harvard History

The town of Harvard, Massachusetts, incorporated in 1732, has a rich history of social and religious experimental communities.

Harvard Buildings

Learn about the town of Harvard, Massachusetts, through its many historic buildings and the people who were involved in their construction.

The Organ

In 1966, The Harvard Historical Society purchased the Still River Baptist Church. With the purchase of the building came a pipe organ that dominates the western wall of the sanctuary.

People from Harvard

Over the years, the town of Harvard has been home to a number of notable historical figures, including Louisa Alcott, Peter Atherton, and William Bowles Willard. Learn more about the people who have called Harvard home.