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  • Topics are used to navigate through the website:
    • Some appear in the slider on top of the home page and navigation pages
    • Most show up by clicking on Topics in the menu bar
  • They are also used to show posts in the Related section.
  • IMPORTANT: The topic Authors, Speakers,… is special. When checked, you should fill out the Author Data Section. See more in the Help file Published, Author, Speaker,…

When making a new post, make sure you check one or more topics depending on the content of the post. E.g. a post about Amos Bronson Alcott should have the topics People and Fruitlands checked.


When in Advanced mode, you will see an additional list of checkboxes called “Featured”. They are the same as the ones in Topics.


Here is what happens if you check one (or more) Featured boxes:

  • The current post will be featured in the Topic page you checked. It will appear on top of the list and will be highlighted. It will be larger than the other ones or even be shown in a full width box.
    E.g. you might want to have the post about Amos Bronson Alcott featured in the topic “Fruitlands”. Just check the box “Fruitlands” in the Amos Bronson Alcott post.
  • Depending on the settings, the same might happen in posts that have the same main topic.
    E.g. the post about Amos Bronson Alcott might be featured in a post telling the history of Fruitlands. This will depend on the settings in that particular page.

List of Topics

You can choose from all the tags below. If you want an additional tag, ask the webmaster to add it to the list.

Other topics being considered

Let the webmaster know if you want one of these for your post or have any other ones in mind:

Library    Benefactor    Historic district -> Common, -> Shaker Village    Religion    Collection

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