Bellevue Cemetery

In March 1893 the town approved a new cemetery site; Henry Warner named it Bellevue.

Shaker Cemetery

The Harvard Shaker Cemetery, also known as the “Lollipop Cemetery,” is a unique burial ground located in the Shaker Village of Harvard, Massachusetts.


Othello, who had been given his freedom, remained a faithful servant to Colonel Henry Bromfield.

Simon Stone

Simon Stone, born c.1686, was a founding father of Harvard and served in town government.

Peter Atherton

Peter Atherton was Harvard’s first town clerk, and in that role, he entered the first records in the town books.

Florence (Burt) Haskell

Flora was inspired to join the Civil War effort as a nurse and serve under Dorothea Dix, who was recruiting for an all-female corps of nurses.

Rev. Daniel Johnson

Rev. Daniel Johnson, Harvard’s third minister, added more than 90 members to the church.

William Henry Hall

William Henry Hall, a person of color, born in Harvard on March 26, 1842, worked as a farmer and day laborer. He served in the Union Army.

Center Cemetery Tour

This tour explores the town through the graves of some of the people who shaped its history: Founding Fathers Simon Stone and Peter Atherton, the manservant Othello, Civil War soldier William Henry Hall, stonecutter Isaac Stone, philanthropist Margaret Blanchard, and adventurer William Savage.

Elijah Houghton Sr.

Elijah Houghton Sr. was a farmer who lived in Still River his entire life. He participated in the Boston Tea Party.

Margaret B. Blanchard

Margaret Bromfield Pearson Blanchard is best remembered as the founder of a secondary school in Harvard, a school that encouraged education for young women as well as young men.

William Henry Savage

Born November 21, 1830, William Henry Savage was an adventurer and enlistee in the Union Army. When the Civil War began in 1861, Savage was among the first from Harvard to enlist.