The Old Bromfield School

Because of Margaret Bromfield Pearson Blanchard’s generosity, Harvard got a high school for the town, to educate girls as well as boys. Now the building is part of the Harvard Public Library.

Sandbox – Left and right column

An illustrated talk about the changes the Shakers made to the landscape in the northeastern part of Harvard and some of the buildings they acquired or built between1791 and 1917.

Oak Ridge Observatory

The establishment of the Harvard University Oak Ridge Observatory placed the town in the astronomical world, attracting visitors of high professional reputation from all over the world.

Back to School Memories

At one time Harvard had nine school districts, each with its own schoolhouse. Districts merged, and in 1905 there was one grammar school.

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards from the Harvard Historical Society archives
and a little history…

250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party

Elijah Houghton, a Boston Tea Party participant, is buried in the Center Cemetery off the Harvard Common. We are celebrating the Tea Party and Elijah Houghton’s part in the “Destruction of the Tea.”

Harvard in the First Half of the 20th Century

A living history program presented by the Harvard Historical Society in which former citizens tell stories about their lives and events that took place during the first half of the 20th century. Based on manuscripts collected by Ida Harris, recently edited by Joe Theriault.

Elijah Houghton Sr.

Elijah Houghton Sr. was a farmer who lived in Still River his entire life. He participated in the Boston Tea Party.

150 years of social distancing in Harvard

When the Covid 19 pandemic hit us in early 2020, observing social distancing became a way to protect against the virus. But, as Doug Cregar humorously depicts in this video with pictures from the Historical Society’s archives, social distancing had long been observed by town residents.

The Baptists of Still River

A history of the Still River Baptist Church, 215 Still River Road, now home of the Harvard Historical Society. This account was written in 1993.