Ann Lee

Mother Ann Lee, founder of the Shakers, established a community in Harvard in 1781, the second oldest Shaker settlement in the United States.

Shaker Cemetery

The Harvard Shaker Cemetery, also known as the “Lollipop Cemetery,” is a unique burial ground located in the Shaker Village of Harvard, Massachusetts.

Shakers South Family Stone Barn

The Shaker Stone Barn was built in 1835. Located at 101 South Shaker Road, the barn is now a ruin, but some of its most significant and striking masonry features still remain.

Shaker Recipes

The Harvard Historical Society organizes open houses regularly. In June 2022, the members prepared a few Shaker Recipes that could be tasted during a special “Shaker Open House”.

Eleanor Willard Merrifield

Born in Still River in 1864, Eleanor created hand-colored photographs documenting buildings of the Harvard Shaker Village.

Clara Endicott Sears

Clara Endicott Sears was born in Boston, Mass., on December 16, 1862, the daughter of Knyvet Winthrop and Mary Crowninshield Sears.

Shaker Open House

Open House at the Harvard Historical Society featuring our permanent Shaker Collection and a unique Shaker desk on loan to the society. The members prepared a few Shaker Recipes that could be tasted during this event.

Shaker Hidden Treasure

People were invited to admire a newly arrived Shaker Desk, on loan to the society, and learn about two special Shakers who might have used it.