The Harvard Historical Society Website Gets a Makeover!

We are excited to announce the opening of the Harvard Historical Society renewed website! After months of dedicated work, we’ve enriched the online experience to provide you with a more engaging and informative journey through the rich history of the town of Harvard.

A Fresh Look, A Deeper Dive

Our website now boasts a modern and user-friendly design, making it easier than ever to navigate and explore the stories that have shaped our town.

Discover the Lives that Built Harvard

Delve into articles that explore the lives of the people who have called Harvard home. From prominent figures to everyday citizens, their stories shed light on the social and cultural fabric of our community.

Explore the Landmarks that Define Us

Embark on a virtual tour of Harvard’s historic buildings. Learn about their significance and the events that transpired within their walls.

Stay Connected to Our Community

The new website serves as a central hub for all things Harvard Historical Society. Stay up-to-date on upcoming events, lectures, and exhibits. Explore our archive of past events, where you can revisit programs like the living history presentation, “Harvard in the First Half of the 20th Century,” or delve into the self-guided tour of the Center Cemetery.

This is only the beginning

This new website is just the first chapter! We’ll be continually adding fresh content, so be sure to check back regularly.

Find BELLS prize!

Sorry, too late to find the BELLS and register to win a prize,
the drawing was SUNDAY, JUNE 9th 2024.

We will contact the 5 winners of a Bayard Underwood’s drawing by email.

Winners can pick up their print at the Historical Society in Harvard, MA. Shipping can be arranged.