Fire at the Meeting House

A September 2008 fire was confined to the attic of Sturdy Hall, causing some structural damage but mostly water damage.

Historic House Renovation

Lee McColgan’s house restoration journey expertly examines our relationship to history through the homes we inhabit, beautifully articulating the philosophy of preserving the past for the future.

Local Register of Historic Places

The Harvard Historical Commission’s ‘Local Register of Historic Places‘ includes a detailed architectural description and the history of the property and of its owners.

The Old Bromfield School

Because of Margaret Bromfield Pearson Blanchard’s generosity, Harvard got a high school for the town, to educate girls as well as boys. Now the building is part of the Harvard Public Library.

Sandbox – Left and right column

An illustrated talk about the changes the Shakers made to the landscape in the northeastern part of Harvard and some of the buildings they acquired or built between1791 and 1917.

Oak Ridge Observatory

The establishment of the Harvard University Oak Ridge Observatory placed the town in the astronomical world, attracting visitors of high professional reputation from all over the world.

The Harvard Historical Society Meeting House

In 1966, the Harvard Historical Society purchased the former Still River Baptist Church. Until then, the Historical Society had been using the Hapgood Room and attic of the public library.

Shakers South Family Stone Barn

The Shaker Stone Barn was built in 1835. Located at 101 South Shaker Road, the barn is now a ruin, but some of its most significant and striking masonry features still remain.

Houses now and then

In 2022, Bromfield senior Julian Iverson took current pictures of historical houses in Harvard, framing the pictures as close as possible to old photographs from HHS archives.

Colonel Henry Bromfield

The Colonel’s “picturesque figure and strong individuality made him a notable feature of the town’s life.”

Warren Hapgood

Warren Hapgood was born in the Old Mill district of Harvard. He was a major benefactor of the Harvard Public Library.