Pea Roast

Although the “meatless diet” only lasted ten years (1837 – 1847), it was observed in most communities, but not strictly enforced.

Cabbage Pie

All vegetables were grown locally; there was a constant succession of different crops.


This recipe uses dried apples and concentrated cider.

Fried Fresh Peaches

A recipe from “The Best of Shaker Cooking,” revised and expanded by Amy Bess and Persis Fuller.

Cucumber Salad

“It does not seem generally known that the cucumber is one of the most valuable vegetables we raise. It can be dressed in more palatable and suitable ways than most any other vegetable except tomatoes.”

Corn Relish

Corn relish is a type of condiment made from corn kernels that are typically mixed with various other ingredients. It’s known for its sweet and tangy flavor.

Dried Apple Cake

Dried apple cake is a delicious dessert made with dried apple pieces as one of its main ingredients. It’s a popular treat that combines the sweet and slightly tangy flavor of dried apples with the moist and spiced cake batter.